"An undoubtedly revolutionary approach that captures the flavour of these desperate, violent struggles. Good to see a set of rules that don't consider this period to be just an adjunct to the First or Second World Wars "

Concentrating on the revolutionary warfare of the Spartakist Revolution, and the Russian and Spanish Civil Wars, these rules emphasize the importance of willpower amongst your troops. Small numbers of highly motivated troops will outperform hordes of disinterested conscripts in these vicious and unforgiving conflicts.

Armoured trains, the International Brigades, desperate men fighting for their version of the truth are all here in rules that capture the very crusading essence of these political conflicts.

Summer/Christmas Special ArticlesEdit

2004 Christmas

  • Flight from Smershk - RCW scenario

2005 Christmas

  • Ritt Nach Dem Osten - Freikorps Notes & Scenario

2005 Summer

  • A Rather British Blitzkreig - Scenario - RCW 1919

2006 Christmas

  • Ding Dong - Scenario - Spanish Civil War 1938

2006 Summer

  • Guards at Poltava- Campaign - RCW 1919

2007 Summer

  • Red Petrograd - Notes & Scenario - RCW 1917

2008 Summer

  • The Battle of Annaberg - Scenario - 1919 - Freikorps vs Poles

2009 Christmas

  • Una Grande y Libre -Scenario - Spanish Civil War 1936