Designed for either Divisional or Corps level games these have been written to give an enjoyable game which is also historically accurate in the abilities of troops and commanders.

With fifty-two pages of text on high quality paper the rules are presented in staple bound format with a heavy card gloss colour cover. As well as complete rules for the period TCHAE contains lists for armies throughout the period, with commanders, weapons and troop quality covered for all theatres, and three scenarios to get you started.

Summer/Christmas Special ArticlesEdit

2008 Christmas

  • Field Companion to Shooting Elephants - Designer notes
  • Rutherfords Farm - Scenario 1864

2009 Summer

  • The Battle of Salem Church - Scenario 1863
  • Go West! - Commanders in the West

2009 Christmas

  • Rating Commanders for They Couldn't Hit an Elephant - A system for rating ACW commanders

2010 Summer

  • The Battle of Monocacy – Scenario 1864
  • The Battle of Mill Springs - Scenario 1861

2010 Christmas

  • A Baptism of Fire - The Battle of New Market, 1864