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Le Feu Sacre covers Corps level actions and larger in the Napoleonic era, from 1792 to 1815, with the basic manoeuvre element a battalion and the smallest command level the Brigade. The gamer is placed in the position of a Corps or Army commander.

Ideally played with figures from 6mm to 15mm, Le Feu Sacre focus on the importance of command and control on the battlefield combined with the impact of what Clausewitz calls battlefield friction. The result is a set of rules that is fast and enjoyable to play, but also captures to true feel of the period.

The current version of Le Feu Sacre, the third edition, was released in 2009.

LFS VariantsEdit

Tea, Taxes and Tories, an LFS variant for the American War of Independence was published in the 2006 Christmas Special.

Summer/Christmas Special ArticlesEdit

2004 Summer

  • Montebello - Scenario - Austrian vs French 1800
  • Friction or Fiction? - Designer Notes
  • Commanders in Le Feu Sacre - Commander ratings

2004 Xmas

  • Quatre Bras - Scenarios - French vs Anglo/Dutch 1815
  • Recon in Le Feu Sacre - Notes on Reconnassiance
  • Le Feu Sacre Rules Clinic - Frequently Asked Questions

2005 Summer

  • Supersize M.E. - Three scenarios - 1813

2005 Xmas

  • Austerlitz Refought - Game report & Scenario - Russians & Austrians vs French 1805

2006 Summer

  • Campaigns of 1805-1807 - Supplementary rules for Le Feu Sacre

LFS Army Lists - Army lists for 1805-1807

  • Verzehnheiligen - Scenario - French vs Prussians & Saxons 1806

2006 Xmas

  • Taxes, Teas and Tories - Supplement - American War of IndependenceI
  • Bunker Hill - 'Taxes, Teas and Tories' Scenario - 1775
  • Guildford Courthouse - 'Taxes, Teas and Tories' Scenario - 1781

2007 Summer

  • The Battle of Heilsburg - Scenario - French vs Russian - 1807
  • Battle of Eckmuhl - Scenario - French vs Austrians 1809

2007 Xmas

  • The Battle of Heilsburg II -Scenario - French vs Russians 1807
  • Vauchamps 1814- Scenario - French vs Prussians & Russians 1814

2008 Summer

  • The Battle of Espinosa - Scenarion - French vs Spanish 1808

2008 Xmas

  • Prelude to Vimtoria - Fictional scenario - French vs British & Spanish

2009 Summer

  • The Battle of Alcaniz - Scenario - French vs Spanish 1809

2009 Xmas

  • Two Men of Talavera - Scenario - Anglo/Portugese & Spanish vs French 1809

2010 Summer

  • Battle of Tamames 1809 - Scenario , Spanish vs French 1809

LFS LinksEdit

  • Le Feu Sacre resources for LFS players- scenarios, army lists and accounts of bicenntenial refights.
  • lfslist a Yahoo Group for players of Le Feu Sacre Napoleonic rules. The files section of this group has FAQs and errata for LFS III as well as numerous scenarios and orders of battle.

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