Possibly the most important wargames book ever published, the 1824 von Reisswitz Kriegsspiel rules are unique in that they were written by a Prussian army officer who fought and was decorated for valour in the Napoleonic wars.

These rules provide not only a framework for fighting games on maps, but also provide a complete and comprehensive refrence work for anyoone who truly seeks to understand warfare of the Napoleonic period. As well as the original 1824 rules TooFatLardies publish the 1862 update, several maps and scenarios.


  • Kriegsspiel 1824 - the original Prussian Army Wargame (pdf)
  • Kriegsspiel 1862 - The 1862 rules that the Prussians used to train for their spectacular victories in Bismarck's wars (pdf)
  • Kriegsspiel Compendium CD. The Reisswitz Rules, the Meckel Map and the Twelve scenarios all on one CD


  • Twelve Kriegsspiel Scenarios - twelve scenarios on a CD. You need the Meckel Map (see below) to play them.


  • The Meckel Map - CD
  • The Koniggratz Map - hard copy or CD

Summer/Christmas Special ArticlesEdit

2007 Summer

  • Kriegsspiel - Introduction and origins

2007 Christmas

  • Corps Blimey! - World War I Kriegspeil
  • Umpiring Kriegsspiel - Notes
  • Kampfgruppe von Reisswitz Marsch! - WWII Kriegsspiel idea
  • He Who Would Valiant Be - Scenario - Meckel 1839

2008 Summer

  • Kriegsspiel 1866 - Notes and Additional Rules
  • The Return of the Melon Smuggler's Daughter - Participation Game Scenario - 1824
  • Smoke on the Water - Introductory Scenario 1866

2009 Summer

  • Playing Fast and Loose - Create your own Kriegsspiel Rules